It's impossible to start implementing an agile approach from just readying an article, a book, or even listening to a one hour webinar. Most never start, or give up when they try this approach.

Most consulting projects to help you implement an agile auditing methodology are $250K+ and when the consultants walk away, they take the knowledge with them, things stall out... and honestly most organizations don't have that sort of budget anyway.

“I wouldn’t call going to consultants a best practice... The reason so many people reach out to me is the consulting project didn’t work.” - Toby DeRoche

You need the detailed step-by-step end-to-end process that you can only get here... a process that took 3 years to develop and apply specifically to internal audit.

You need something you can customize to your organization.

Training, templates, resources, and support that you can apply in a do-it-yourself or guided transformation approach.

It's not about doing agile, it's about being agile in the right way for internal audit and for your organization.

We understand.

Training, templates, resources, and coaching to help you get your agile auditing transformation, and develop and retain the knowledge, skills, and competencies in your team.

The most complete offerings for agile auditing, so whether you are a do-it-yourself person, or wanted a guided transformation... you can do Agile Auditing Your Way™ with cRisk Academy.

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